Posted BY: Larry Johnson

The Washington, DC political establishment has become so accustomed to lying to themselves and the American people that they are now blind to genuine danger because they insist that their lies are true. You know, the inability of define what is a women; the denial of a recession; and now, dismissing China’s threats of military retaliation if Nancy Pelosi shows up in Taiwan as empty rhetoric.

National Security Council spokesmodel, retired Admiral John Kirby, was all over the board today. First, he insisted that the United States does NOT support Taiwan’s independence. You see, according to the one China policy, Taiwan belongs to China. Got it? But Kirby does not stop there. He then insists that Nancy Pelosi has a legal right to visit Taiwan any damn time she wants. Kirby told CNN’s Brianna Keiler:

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There is no reason for the Chinese rhetoric. There is no reason for any actions to be taken. It is not uncommon for congressional leaders to travel to Taiwan. It is very much in keeping with our policy and consistent with our support to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act. We shouldn’t be — as a country, we shouldn’t be intimidated by that rhetoric or those potential actions. This is an important trip for the speaker to be on and we’re going to do whatever we can to support her.

And to underscore that our commitment to a policy of peace is serious, the US navy is moving its aircraft carriers closer and closer to Taiwan. US Air Force arrives in Okinawa. And Pelosi is telling U.S. and Taiwanese sources that she is headed to Taiwan on Tuesday.

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