Posted BY: Richard McDonough

 Socrates: Where virtue is concerned [a genuine statesman] would be … like a solid reality among shadows

                                                                                                                                         -Plato, Meno (100a-c)

Throughout his political career, Joe Biden said that he was personally opposed to abortion because good Catholics like himself believe life begins at conception and, therefore, he supported the Hyde Amendment that prohibited the use of federal funds for abortion.

In 2019, when he ran for president in a strongly pro-abortion Democratic Party, he suddenly discovered that he opposed the Hyde Amendment and now believes in using federal funds to violate his sacred religious views on the sanctity of life. 

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Similarly, in 2015, Biden stated that, as a good Catholic, he believes that life begins at conception, but in 2021, as president, paralysed by the crowd of radical pro-abortionists in his party, he discovered that he no longer believes that.  

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