Posted BY: Eileen F. Toplansky

Abir Ballan, author of the June 2022 piece titled “The WHO Review and Why it Matters to You? has documented the corruption by WHO/global leaders and governments concerning Covid treatment.

In essence, Ballan’s findings are a call to action to “reassess the WHO’s candidacy as an authoritative global public health organization” and the necessary actions needed to “safeguard” people’s “health sovereignty.”

With the unending mismanagement of Covid treatment and the WHO’s influence on so many countries, it is a critical call to action.

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Ballan ponders the following:

·Did the World Health Organization follow public health principles when recommending the global Covid-19 response?

  • Was the WHO-recommended response to Covid-19 in line with the WHO’s own constitution and its own pandemic preparedness plans?
  • Was the WHO guided by science or by private corporate interests?

Ultimately, is the WHO suitable as an agency and global authority when it comes to public health?

The World Health Organization’s own constitution states that “informed opinion and active co-operation on the part of the public are of the utmost importance in the improvement of the health of the people.”

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