25-year-old trans cheerleader reportedly flew into unhinged rage and allegedly ‘put hands on’ 17-year-old teammate after being correctly gendered.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

A transgender cheerleader in Texas has been charged with criminal assault after he allegedly choked a female teammate who mocked him as a “man with a penis.”

The Daily Mail reports:

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Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, was booted from the Ranger College cheerleading camp in Texas, and given a criminal assault by physical contact citation last week. She is accused of choking a 17 year-old teammate, only identified by her first name, Karleigh, who she claimed made transphobic remarks toward her. 

Medlock reportedly flew into an unhinged rage last week after he was correctly identified as a male, prompting Karleigh and members of the cheer team to hide in a locker room as he confronted them from behind the closed door.

Footage filmed by the cheerleaders who locked themselves in the locker room shows the moments Medlock attempted to coax the team into opening the door. By this point the alleged assault had already taken place.

The footage features Medlock arguing with the cheer team through the closed door, telling them, “If anyone has a problem, come address it to my face like an adult,” saying she was only joking, claiming, “I barely touched Karleigh,” and telling one girl to “come outside then.”

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