America preparing for war with China?WWIII could be in the making.

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

The U.S. military ran drills last weekend training for simulated hypersonic missile attacks in three major cities.

According to Military Times, hundreds of military members and local, state and federal emergency workers took part in the exercise, which hypothesized missile strikes in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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The simulation involved a response to a missile strike that “collapsed Lincoln Financial Field structures” in Philadelphia “and derailed a train at the CSX railyard, which triggered a chlorine leak that’s spreading fast.”

The drill scenario, which the Pentagon calls “America’s worst day,” included “unknown contaminants” being spread throughout the metropolitan cities following the attacks.

Michigan Army National Guard members and others involved were equipped with “nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological detection and decontamination” gear.

Around 150 individuals who took part in the event were given fake wounds and displayed fake symptoms from the simulated attack so responders could practice their techniques and tactics.

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