Posted BY: Hal R. Crane

Living during the national freefall precipitated by Biden’s tyrannical policies, it’s beneficial to ponder how both the United States, and world, might be different if Donald J. Trump had taken the oath of office as president on January, 20, 2021, instead of Joseph Rube-inette Biden.


There would be no Green Agenda executive orders. No cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, where thousands of workers with high-paying jobs would ensure the flow of 700,000 barrels a day to the American market. There would be no freeze on new oil and gas leases. The ANWR project in Alaska, would have progressed instead of stalled. New restrictions on domestic drilling would be limited or nonexistent. Fracking would be continued, instead of curtailed.

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American energy independence would be a reality, and our leaders would not be groveling to other countries – some of which are hostile – for supply. We would have secure strategic oil reserves, not depleted ones. Gas prices would still be affordable, and the global crude oil price would be significantly lower – in turn, the geopolitical conflicts in Russia and Ukraine may have been avoided.

Inflation and the economy

There would be less federal spending, regulations, and less red tape, allowing for the market to compensate for the economic hits during the government shutdowns – in turn, the rate of inflation would be much lower. The Federal Reserve interest rates would not be rapidly rising, and there would be no breaking of financial disaster records. 

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