Posted BY: Michael G. Zey

That deafening sound Americans are hearing all around them is the Good Ship Democratic Party crashing against the jagged rocks of political reality.

With the November 2022 midterm elections just weeks away, early projections point to a Republican Party electoral tsunami that could bury the Democrat party for the next several voting cycles.

Polls by Rasmussen, Emerson, and Trafalgar show the Republicans up by as much as 10% over Democrats in the generic ballot.  The Real Clear Politics “poll of polls” has Republicans projected to win a minimum of 223 House seats, the Democrats 179, giving the GOP de facto control of the House of Representatives.

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RCP has identified another 33 congressional contests as toss-ups, races considered too close to call.  Of those 33 seats 29 were considered solidly Democrat until this election cycle.  Now Democrats must spend precious resources to defend seats they thought they owned.  Republicans could end up with a 240-plus-seat majority.

Just last June, a young Republican female candidate of Hispanic background, Mayra Flores, won a Texas house seat that has been in Democrat hands since the Civil War ended, and did so with the help of a large swath of Hispanics in the district.

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