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Since the merger that brought CNN under new parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, things have not been going well at the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news.” New bosses told CNN hosts to tone down their “resistance” programming or face dismissal, their overly hyped streaming service CNN+ was unceremoniously killed off, and constant leaks from inside the network depict a media outlet steeped in drama and uncertainty. 

Now, new reporting from The New York Times notes that CNN’s profitability continues to wane as projections from S&P Global Market Intelligence “say that CNN’s profitability is on pace to decline to $956.8 million this year” which “would mark the first time since 2016 that the network has dipped below $1 billion in profit,” per Times sources.

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As a result of profit losses — due in no small part to the cash thrown into the inferno that was CNN+ for its few short days — there’s some belt-tightening happening under the leadership of new CNN Chairman Chris Licht. As The Times’ reports:

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