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“You’re not doin’ this! That’s not even a thought! That is not the way this goes!” Sandy Hook lawyer shouts during the friendly interaction.

Video footage from the defamation damages trial of radio and television host Alex Jones shows parents of Sandy Hook school shooting victims shaking hands and exchanging some pleasantries with Jones before their lawyer angrily interrupted to insult Jones.

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Judges in Texas and Connecticut have ruled that Jones is liable for defamation by default, claiming he did not comply with court orders and turning over documents. Jones disputes these ruling, claiming he and his media company Free Speech Systems did comply with discovery.

In some cases, plaintiffs demanded hard copy backups of videos that Jones reportedly lost access to when his YouTube account was banned in 2018.

In footage from the defamation damages trial on Tuesday, Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis can be seen offering Jones a bottle of water, which he accepts, stating, “I appreciate it.”

“That’s not true, I apologize for today,” Jones could be heard saying during the partially audible conversation.

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