Posted BY: William Sullivan

You may recall that earlier this summer, in response to poor and middle-class Americans’ suffering record gas prices across the country, the Biden administration floated the idea of government-supplied “gas rebate” cards. 

Most of the ideas about money that originate from people who’ve never worked for a company with a profit motive are, naturally, terrible. The one thing that the Biden administration has in spades is people who lack experience working with money that isn’t someone else’s. This is evidenced by the fact that the median years of private sector business experience among his appointees is zero. 

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Yes, that’s right.  Zero

Supply of gasoline was low in June and the demand for gasoline was high.  The result of this was quickly rising gasoline prices.  The Biden administration’s proposed “solution” to this problem was to abruptly and artificially increase the demand for gasoline, which was already in short supply, by handing everyone more money to spend on gasoline.

There is no other possible outcome to such a policy than gasoline prices being driven artificially upward.  Seriously, understanding that much isn’t exactly the stuff of advanced economics courses.  These are the simplest economic concepts that responsible parents should be teaching their children at an early age. 

Did those in Biden administration pitching the “gas rebate” foolishness not get that talk, either at the dinner table or in the hallowed halls of Ivy League academies?

Color me skeptical.  I think they know precisely what happens when you artificially increase demand while supply is low.  They simply desire such price spikes on gasoline in order to get the poor and middle class on the trolley when it comes to electric vehicles.  You know, those cars that mostly rich people drive, and save a ton of money on energy costs, or so we’re told.   

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