Posted BY: JD Rucker

I still support Donald Trump for president in 2024. But I’m not a blind follower who believes he can do no wrong which is why I want to address four topics that he needs to correct as soon as possible if he’s going to be successful and earn as many America First votes as possible.

Notice that I didn’t say he will earn as many total votes as possible. That strategy, which he temporarily tried in 2016, isn’t for him. He attempted it with “The Softening” in late summer, 2016, when he and Sean Hannity tried to sell the notion that he didn’t need to deport all illegal aliens or reverse DACA. They and whoever was advising him at the time thought their general election pivot should include this softening of his immigration stance.

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That lasted a little over a week before he heard enough from his base to realize it wasn’t the way to go. He reverted back to his tough stance on illegal immigration and the rest is history.

The reason I mention that story is because President Trump listens to the people, but only when we’re loud enough to reach him. He’s very insulated by his staff and advisors, and frankly they’re not making good decisions for him. We need to make him pay attention to some of the things we want him to change now, ahead of the 2024 election, so that he won’t only win but he’ll be positioned to do things the right way, the America First way.

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