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(Natural News) In reaction to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the independent island nation of Taiwan, communist China is having a bitchfit and launching missiles with flight paths over Taiwan while all but surrounding the island nation with live fire naval and air exercises. According to China, this is all part of the CCP’s “reunification” plan to take Taiwan under control of the CCP, using military force to achieve its goals.

Taiwan is a key strategic supplier of 2nm microchips to western nations, providing critical components to Apple, weapons manufacturers, navigation, transportation and telecommunications industries. Without Taiwan’s steady supply of microchips (and other goods manufactured in Taiwan), western economies would face devastating economic consequences. For this reason, Taiwan holds strategic value for the western world that is far higher in the “critical infrastructure” hierarchy than Ukraine.

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Should China choose to blockade or attack Taiwan, the likely counterattack by western allies would involve not just Taiwan, but also Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, the UK, Germany and other western nations.

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