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Texas’s Governor Greg Abbott has changed targets from Washington D.C. to New York City as the first bus full of illegal immigrants from Texas arrives in Manhattan Friday morning.

After busing over 6,1000 illegal immigrants who had crossed over into the US via the Texas-Mexico border to Washington D.C., much to the chagrin of their radical Mayor Muriel Bowser, Gov. Abbott has set his sights on New York City to continue to try to draw attention to the humanitarian and logistical nightmare which is the border crisis.

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Governor Abbott had invited New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams to visit the southern border mere days before the first bus arrived–an offer which Adams refused. Now, the border is coming to visit him.

From the New York Post:

The Republican governor revealed in a statement that the migrant bus arrived at Gate 14 of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, but did not provide any additional details — such as how many people were on board or their countries of origin.

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