Posted BY: D. Parker

Leftist liars recently have been trying to cover for the Biden regime’s abject failures by redefining the word “recession,” going so far as to flag as false those who reject Biden’s recession wordplay.

Aside from the obvious answer of protecting the dear leader, what is their justification for doing this

For the sake of argument, let’s say they might have had some theoretical point in playing games with the facts about COVID.  We cannot fathom what that was, but that was their “emergency justification” at the moment.  But what is their rationale for doing this now?  No one is going to make an incorrect medical decision based on this definition, so why are they doing this?

We know exactly why.  In fact, this is why we have labelled them the anti-liberty left: because their ideology cannot stand the people exercising their basic freedoms under the Bill of Rights.

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The problem for the enemies of liberty on the left is that while they think they can run around and offer an alternate version of reality — that changes every five minutes — there is a whole slew of documentation that is piling up showing they are nothing but abject liars.

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