Posted BY: Charlotte Cushman

How many times have you heard, “That sounds like a conspiracy theory to me”?  Was it because you asked if the virus was released from a lab in China?  Or did you question the safety and effectiveness of the “vaccines”?  Did you ask why doctors and nurses are not free to treat their patients according to their best judgment instead of government protocols?  Or maybe you asked about the decrease in energy, selling our oil to China, the problems with supply chains, government deficit spending, censorship on social media, inflation, food shortages, the rise in racism, the burning of our cities, our unprotected border, and the release of criminals.  Did you wonder why everything is getting worse?  Is there is a plan to destroy Western civilization?

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Dismissing questions about the decline of our country as conspiracy theories is an attempt at intimidation in order to discourage people from further investigations into those questions. Or even investigations into conspiracy theories themselves. Maybe we should take a look at the possibility of conspiracies since the left seems so intent on invalidating them.

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