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(Natural News) The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is concerned that the recent visit from Nancy Pelosi will prompt a Chinese invasion, resulting in a shutdown of the company’s chip factories.

TSMC is one of the world’s primary suppliers of advanced microchips that are used in everything from smartphones to cars to missiles. Should Pelosi’s provocation result in a shutdown, well, that will spell an immediate end to the global supply of microchips.

“If you take a military force or invasion, you will render TSMC factory not operable,” stated chairman Mark Liu in a recent interview with CNN, adding that “nobody can control TSMC by force.”

“These are such sophisticated manufacturing facilities. It depends on the real-time connection with the outside world, with Europe, with Japan, with the U.S.”

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More than half of the global semiconductor market is dominated by TSMC, which provides chips for Apple, Sony, and other major multinational corporations. If China stays true to its promise of taking back Taiwan in the event that Pelosi appears there, then that market could shutter – possibly overnight.

Is Pelosi (and the deep state) trying to start World War III?

If China invades Taiwan and tries to take it back as many believe will soon be the case, then TSMC factories will become “not operable,” Liu warned.

“Beijing, which considers self-ruled Taiwan its territory – to be seized one day, by force if necessary – said it would regard a Pelosi visit as a major provocation,” reported Insider Paper.

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