Comes as Beijing announced Friday that it would sever relations with Washington regarding climate change, anti-crime cooperation, and military-to-military dialogue.

Posted BY: Sputnik

The House speaker’s trip to Taiwan on Tuesday prompted the People’s Liberation Army to kick off what US media have characterized as the largest-ever military drills in the sea and airspace surrounding the island.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has accused China of crossing the sea frontier between the island and the mainland, and carrying out a “possible simulated attack” against high-value assets.

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“Multiple PLA craft were detected around Taiwan Strait, some have crossed the median line. Possible simulated attack against HVA. #ROCArmedForces have utilized alert broadcast, aircraft on [Combat Air Patrol], patrolling naval vessels, and land-based missile systems in response to this situation,” the MoND reported in a tweet Saturday.

Later in the day, the ministry posted a photo of a Taiwanese frigate which it said was monitoring People’s Liberation Army Navy activity off the eastern coast of Taiwan amid China’s drills.

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