Posted BY: Alicia Powe

Politics is downstream from culture. As the Biden administration and Democrats mainstream gender dysmorphia, the normalization of pedophilia and public displays of lewd behavior is becoming rampant across the United States.

An 80-year-old woman was banned from using the YMCA community pool after complaining about a man dressed in a woman’s swimsuit watching little girls undress in the locker room of a YMCA in Washington state.

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The cross-dressing man also reportedly walked around the locker room naked while surrounded by the young girls.

After swimming at the YMCA’s Mountain View pool on July 26, as she has regularly for 35 years, 80-year-old Julie Jaman headed to the locker room to shower. While bathing,  she heard a man’s voice. She turned around to find a biological male, Clementine Adams, watching “the little girls as they were taking of their suits,” the Port Townsend Free press reports.

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