Activist and journalist Mindy Robinson lays out the two-party corruption while running in the Nevada State Assembly election.

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Conservative activist Mindy Robinson is running for the Nevada State Assembly election for District 35, and she has a powerful new political ad announcing her run as the Libertarian candidate.

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Our government is beyond corrupt, our elections are rigged, the Democrats are out of their damn minds, and the spineless GOP is letting them get away with it all because hey, they’re making money ripping us off too.

When corruption cements itself in this deeply, it becomes VERY hard to break free from. The primaries here in Nevada saw suspicious “wins” from hated, establishment RINOs (like the guy that covered up the Las Vegas shooting I mention in the video) over popular grassroot candidates like Joey Gilbert that were filling rooms and leading rallies. We were ready for it though…we were able to collect an insane amount of undeniable evidence of election fraud this time, and the lawsuits are commencing as we speak.

As a Libertarian candidate, I escaped having to make it though the rigged primaries, but this corrupt system will NEVER allow an anti-establishment, anti-corruption candidate like me to make it through…even if I am up against two complete political do-nothings that only seem to care about politics when it’s time to ask money for their campaign. I don’t even have it in my heart to fundraise with people suffering and the economy the way it is, so I came up with this idea where people can buy a $5 sticker to show their support for me instead. My opponent might have the dark money funds to buy a giant billboard…but you can’t “buy” the support of the people.

You can’t make them put a sticker on their car to support you. The only hope we have to save my community now, is to have the most obvious win southern Las Vegas has ever seen. Even if they still cheat me, it’ll only raise suspicions and demands for a forensic audit that we KNOW will reveal some level of fraud.