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(Natural News) According to the Gender Mapping Project, in America there are now over 200 gender-bending clinics that prey on children, enabling gender delusions and allowing mass castration of youth. Just a decade ago, there were only ten of these clinics in America. This predatory industry continues to expand its violence toward youth, unchallenged.

However, in London, something big just went down, a move that will shake trans-activism to its core. The National Health Service (NHS) just shut down one of the most aggressive gender-bending youth clinics in the world, and all gender mutilations of children must cease operations there by 2023.

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Trans activists infiltrate mental health clinics and gag psychotherapists to take youth down a dark and destructive path

For nearly two decades, the prestigious Tavistock Centre in London, England accepted youth mental health patients who struggled with gender dysphoria. Fifteen years ago, the center specialized in therapy — listening to patients and talking through their problems. Drugs were a last resort. However, over the years, the clinic began taking a hasty, one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with gender dysphoria, pushing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on youth, while encouraging identity delusions and the total mutilation of the child’s genitalia. At its peak in 2019, the clinic was getting 3,000 referrals a year to further confuse and castrate all youth that walked through the doors.

Puberty blockers are medically described as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists. These drugs suppress the further development of secondary-sex characteristics like breast tissue in females or facial hair in males. Cross-sex hormones refer to the use of: testosterone in females who want to pretend they were born male, and estrogen for males who want to pretend they were born female.

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