Another embarrassing incident caught on camera with this worthless trash.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A video shows Joe Biden struggling to put his own jacket on without the help of his wife Jill in what the president’s detractors claim is another sign of his cognitive decline.

The clip shows Biden and his wife walking on the tarmac after landing in Kentucky.

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A mask-wearing Biden successfully puts one arm in his jacket but then immediately runs into difficulties.

He tries to twist and turn to get his other arm in the jacket but then calls on Jill to come to his aid.

Jill Biden then frantically tries to help Biden, but then he appears to put his hand in the inner pocket of the jacket rather than through the arm.

The pair finally manage to get the jacket on but then a few moments later, Biden’s aviator sunglasses fall from his head and his reaction is too slow to catch them and he has to pick them up from the ground.

During his visit to Kentucky, Biden also bizarrely claimed that the U.S. government will have the ability to control the weather in the future.

“The weather may be beyond our control, for now, but it’s not beyond our control,” said Biden, confusing many.

The jacket video will bolster suspicions that Biden is on the cognitive decline, a concern that has led many Democrats to assert that he should not run for a second term in office.

“Someone should sic Adult Protective Services on “Dr” Jill and get Creepy Joe into a home for mentally disabled corruptocrats where he can drool on himself in peace,” comments Dave Blount. “At this point in our descent into tyranny, we need to see the faces of whoever is really in charge.