Posted BY: Charles Ortel

In the spectacle playing out in Palm Beach, Florida, where armed thugs wearing FBI jackets stormed the residence of former President Trump and his family, ostensibly in search of classified materials stored there, ordinary people see clearly how far a once great nation has already sunk down into the gutter—republic meet banana and forget about rule of law.

Leaving aside valid questions about whether the materials in question were classified or declassified, the raid on Mar-a-Lago is certainly not justified, as Donald Trump and his legal advisors seem to have been cooperating with the National Archives to ensure that Presidential Records remained under federal government control, starkly in contrast with how the Clinton family has handled such records over decades.

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So, political insiders who enrich the donor class and use family members to collect spoils from foreign governments are protected in modern America, but outsiders who actually win elections and then try to keep promises and clean up corruption are pounded into oblivion, as influence-shapers cheer?

This raid is a step too far, and it has already backfired spectacularly.

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