Posted BY: Jim Hoft

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in an explosive investigative piece — Paul Pelosi, Jr. traveled to Asia and attended meetings with his mother Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her recent trip this week to the region.

Paul was an “unnamed guest.”  The Pelosi crime family was trying to keep his participation on the downlow.

Paul Pelosi was pictured with the US delegation on several stops in East Asia.  As part of the US delegation, though, his name was never mentioned in the news during the trip

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As we dig deeper into Paul Pelosi’ secret, or unannounced, tour to Asia wed found something quite interesting. Paul Pelosi Jr. appears to be another Hunter Biden, or even WORSE!

As was previously reported, Paul got stuck in a series of scandals in the past couple years.  The Gateway Pundit has documented his curious business dealings.

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