Posted BY: Ted Noel

With Governor DeSantis’s firing of Soros-backed rogue Florida 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Andrew Warren, a very real question arises: “What business does a New Yorker have to do with elections in Florida?” Yes, Soros has US citizenship, but why is he poking his finger into Florida where he does not live? His three mansions are all in New York State.

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For all state elections, it’s very clear that the state legislature has the authority to write laws about how they are conducted. For example, the legislature in Florida could declare that elections for state officeholders would only be on February 29, on Pi Day (March 14, 3.14 in European notation), or some other silly rule. But as long as that rule was applied evenly and did not prevent any particular group of otherwise eligible Florida voters from voting, it would be legal.

The same rule applies to voter registration. The 26th Amendment does require states to allow 18-year-olds to vote but otherwise creates no other specific rules. States are fully free to restrict non-citizens from voting because the 26th Amendment only guarantees the franchise to citizens. We could go on with a long list of other possible rules, but note that I have said absolutely nothing yet about federal elections.

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