But president’s lawyers say seized documents had been declassified

Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

The Biden administration, in what could be one of the Democrats’ last-ditch attempts to prevent President Donald Trump from running for office again in 2024, is working on an “espionage” case against him, based on documents FBI agents seized from his home this week.

A report in the Daily Mail contended that there were multiple classified documents seized from Trump’s home, but there also have been charges that the agents may have planted information, perhaps even bugging the home, as lawyers for Trump say the documents had been declassified already.

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The Daily Mail said it appears the Democrats in power in Washington now are investigating President Trump for obstructing justice and Espionage Act violations.

The report said, “The FBI would have needed to prove reasonable suspicion that Trump committed a crime in holding on to the documents – reports suggest that criminal statutes cited in the not-yet-public warrant include espionage, removal of records and obstruction of justice.”

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