Posted BY: John C. Chalberg

At this historical moment, somewhere around half the country remains ready to utter some version of “good riddance” to Donald Trump.  And yet, in the not too distant future, a solid majority of Americans may well find themselves thanking Mr. Trump not once, but perhaps three or even four times.

For starters, he deserves thanks for running and winning in 2016.  Secondly, he can be thanked for running and losing in 2020.  (Stay tuned on that one.)  Then there remains the hope that he soon might be thanked for choosing, Coolidge-like, not to run in 2024 before being slapped on the back a fourth time for supporting the political party that he has played a crucial role in remaking.

That would be the same Republican Party that came into being in the mid-19th century, when Abraham Lincoln’s Whig Party could not be remade.  This would also be the same political party that Trump could destroy, if he should choose to abandon it.

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All of this presumes that the eventual Republican nominee 1) presides over a big tent GOP that includes Trump constituents; 2) essentially follows Trump policies, domestic and foreign; 3) exhibits a Trumpian willingness to fight; and 4) wins the two terms that Trump did not.  After all, it will likely take two full terms of Republican executive and legislative governance to set the country on a course that is at once new and old.

Such a sustained victory would confirm that the country had finally reversed what President Obama once deemed inevitable — namely, that an “arc of history” is forever bending in the progressive direction of an ever more centralized administrative state.  That would be the very state that has been growing in fits and starts for better than a century now.

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