Posted BY: Fred T

The weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and the security state overall against Americans by the Biden regime has been commented on for a few days now by all manner of luminaries, including notably by Stephen Miller, Ted Cruz, and even Greg Gutfeld.

But bar none the best remarks I’ve seen so far are this video clip from maybe an unlikely source. A former Democrat candidate for president.

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Tulsi Gabbard.

She filled in for Tucker Carlson on Friday and this is … this is just out of the park good.

What can anyone add? We are have crossed a line that it may be impossible to come back from. There was before the raid, and now there’s after. They are two different Americas.

It’s scary. But maybe people are waking up.

And it probably helped Trump’s chances in 2024 and Republican chances in November. I mean that’s a real possibility. Discuss it below if you like, or anything else.