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The Democrats’ concern about the Trump presidency often revolved around concerns about American “norms” and institutions, but George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley spotted some evidence of the Biden administration thinking about doing that very thing:

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From CNBC:

A highly unusual move by the Justice Department to retry Florida nursing home owner Philip Esformes on health-care fraud criminal charges after then-President Donald Trump commuted his 20-year prison sentence is headed to an appeals court hearing as defense lawyers suggest prosecutors are motivated by anger at Trump.

“The situation is entirely unique because the actions of the prosecutors here are incredibly outrageous,” said Joe Tacopina, a leading New York criminal defense attorney.

“There’s no question in my mind that the [Justice Department’s] flagrant disregard of President Trump’s clemency order is motivated by acrimony towards him,” said Tacopina.

Tacopina is not representing Esformes in the case. But he is assisting Esformes’ new team from the Reed Smith law firm in preparing for the federal appeals court hearing next month in Miami.

A “highly unusual move” yet again from this administration? Are they thinking this through?

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