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Twenty people who were blind or on the verge of being so have had some or all of their sight restored thanks to a food industry byproduct — pig skin. 

Researchers from Linköping University and LinkoCare Life Sciences AB were able to give the group their vision back with a special corneal implant made from medical-grade collagen from porcine skin, a purified food industry byproduct that’s used in FDA-approved medical devices for treating glaucoma. The implant was given to those who suffer from diseased corneas, the outermost and transparent layer of the eye, an issue that affects millions of people worldwide. 

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A 2016 study found that an estimated 12.7 million people are on waiting lists for cornea transplants, which are the only curative treatment for corneal blindness, and that only one in 70 is able to get the surgery. Most of those in need of the surgery, which requires a human donation, live in low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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