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(Natural News) Israel’s Minister of Agriculture (MOA) wants to HALT the NOBIVAC rabies vaccine for animals. Investigators detected a higher-than-normal rate of adverse events in pets, including fever, pain, allergies and shock symptoms. Three pets were reportedly hospitalized after vaccination. So far, no animal deaths have been reported. The agency has verified ten adverse events per 100,000 vaccinations and wants to investigate both the importer and the manufacturer for errors related to shipment, contamination and product defect. Meanwhile, Israel continues to ignore hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been either injured or killed by COVID vaccines.

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Israeli government taking animal vaccine injuries seriously, while ignoring hundreds of thousands of injured humans

Israel’s MOA issued a statement, calling for greater vaccine safety for animals: “The Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the reports, and is in contact with the importer and the global manufacturer. At the same time, the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture are in contact with the authorized veterinarians and veterinary clinics.”

“We know of three cases that required hospitalization and several dozen reports of local symptoms, who were immediately treated with antihistamines and released,” Dr. Hilik Marom reported.

The Israeli government’s sudden interest in vaccine safety for animals comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are reporting injuries and deaths from the COVID jabs. The Israeli government is currently ignoring all pharmacovigilance data for the disastrous COVID vaccine, pretending that hundreds of thousands of medical issues are just imaginary, made-up conspiracy theories. However, when it comes to the rabies vaccine, a few vaccine-injured animals are a serious issue.

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