Study promoted by Pulitzer winner would fail undergraduate med school class, U.K. researcher claims.

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The current unpopularity of mask mandates in American school districts has not stopped mask advocates from promoting their return as a COVID-19 mitigation measure, but the research used to justify mandates is facing expanded scrutiny.

A preprint of a study conducted in Boston-area school districts, not yet peer-reviewed, is “irredeemably flawed” in part because the researchers seemed unaware they were comparing apples and oranges, University of California San Francisco epidemiologist Vinay Prasad wrote in his newsletter Sunday.

“How junk science got spread like wildfire,” pediatric infectious disease researcher Alasdair Munro wrote in his newsletter last week, analyzing a widely shared meta-analysis of mask research. The preprint is “so riddled with basic errors” Munro wondered if it was an academic hoax along the lines of physicist Alan Sokal’s postmodern prank.

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The Boston mask study has an elite imprimatur, performed by researchers at Harvard and Boston University schools of public health and the Boston Public Health Commission. It received glowing coverage in The Boston Globe.

In the 79 school districts of greater Boston, only Boston and Chelsea kept mask mandates in February when Massachusetts dropped its mandate. Earlier in the year, differences recorded between schools were statistically insignificant. Now, however, the researchers estimated the mask-optional districts saw about 45 more COVID cases per 1,000 students and staff over the following 15 weeks, “representing nearly 30% of all cases observed in schools during that time.”

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