Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

Exciting times.  A dangerous but exhilarating moment in history to be alive.  The ground beneath us quakes, and everything once held certain seems turned to mush.  Whatever we grasp for balance proves unsteady, too.  The world is crashing down, it seems, and no countervailing force exists to keep everything in place.

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When we accept this reality, when we look around and say, “Hey, what was will never be again,” then the troubles around us become a little lighter to bear.  We are not here to fight for yesterday; we are here to fight for tomorrow.  Yesterday gives us guidance; tomorrow gives us purpose.  Yet just because we fight for tomorrow does not mean we aren’t also fighting for today.  When you learn to punch, you’re taught to aim beyond your target.  You punch through what you mean to hit to maximize force and minimize pain to yourself.  In the same way, we aim for the future in order to seize today.  We picture together what type of future we want.  We strive for that future with ferocity and perseverance.  And one day we look around and realize that we’ve managed to build a remarkable world right here in the present.  Nothing endures in this earthly existence but that cycle.  It’s what we do when challenges arise that matters.  Those acts, fleeting though they may be, are our shared legacy to one another.  

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