Posted BY: W.R. Wordsworth

Any consumer of political news and commentary is well advised to bear in mind that even the most trusted broadcasters have a commercial interest in sensationalizing policy differences and portraying their ideological opponents as cartoonishly devious figures of menace. Theatrical exaggeration in political coverage is inevitable; a commentator’s own partisan proclivities may color the reportage, or a commentator may be subtly (or not so subtly) pressured to pander to the political preferences of network ownership. At the very least, all are obliged to engage in the showmanship necessary to capture and hold an audience.

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But sometimes an event occurs that is so significant that it defies the excesses of commercialized political exaggeration. The raid on Mar-a-Lago was such an event. With this disgraceful stunt, the FBI has in effect openly acknowledged that it is little more than a political police force willingly placed in the service of the Democratic Party with its most prominent, public-facing role being to shelter and protect the Democratic Party’s own well-connected and highly-placed criminals while criminalizing and persecuting its political opponents, right down to falsely framing and entrapping them when necessary. If it isn’t eventually dismantled entirely, perhaps the FBI should be renamed the FBCF — Federal Bureau of Custom Framing.

The FBI has lost public trust and is undeserving of the benefit of the doubt. Its partisan alignments are obvious. The FBI has proven incapable of taking any interest in the innumerable crimes of Antifa and BLM, yet simply cannot refrain from issuing dire warnings against unruly parents who dare to oppose mandated racist indoctrination at school board meetings. The FBI simply cannot be bothered to address the ongoing organized intimidation of Supreme Court justices by leftist thugs, yet shows no hesitation in branding patriotic imagery as a sign of probable alignment with domestic terrorism. The next time our intelligence services are caught with their pants down — the next time we are hit with a 9/11-style attack from an unexpected quarter, perhaps the FBI will seek to save face and solicit public appreciation by reminding us that not a single January 6th trespasser evaded its grasp.

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