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“I need a small favor. I just posted on FB about a Russian VC firm trying to screw me for $10k.” he said in a Facebook post, according to the Daily Mail.

“I would really appreciate if you could like and/or comment on it. I don’t expect to get paid, but I want to maximize their public embarrassment.” he said in April.

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photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reported:

The anti-Putin, Latvian-American businessman found dead in Washington DC this week was discovered in the street outside the apartment building where he lived after falling to his death, can reveal.

Dan Rapoport, 52, was found outside 2400 Main Street apartments on August 14th shortly before 6pm.

His body was discovered in the street along with his cracked cellphone, $2,620 cash, a keyring with a lanyard and a cracked white headphone.

Russian media reported that he was found dead from an apparent suicide after setting his dog free in a nearby park.

DC Metropolitan police also told on Wednesday that they do not suspect foul play.

But his widow Alena denied that he took his own life, insisting to Russian newswire: ‘There were no notes, no suicide.’

Three days before his death, Rapoport posted a haunting image on Facebook of Marilyn Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now with the words: ‘The horror, the horror.’

In the months before his death, Rapoport had been complaining to friends that he was being ripped off by a Russian investment firm.