One of these asteroids will undoubtedly collide with Earth one day!

Posted BY: RM | Nworeport

On August 22, a large asteroid that is 92 feet broad or less will come quite close to Earth, according to NASA. The US agency observed numerous space rocks heading towards Earth, but none of them struck the planet. Will this one, though?

Asteroid 2020 QW3 will only barely miss the Earth by just few million kilometres. The asteroid’s speed at the time of the anticipated occurrence would be 64,800 kph.

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The 3 times the size of an aircraft asteroid’s potential collision with the Earth has been ruled out, according to the US space agency. However, because of how close the asteroid 2020 QW3 is expected to come near Earth, it has been designated as a potentially dangerous asteroid.

The Amor group asteroid 2020 QW3 has an orbital period of 732 days. Asteroid 2020 QW3 belongs to the Amor group and is 321 million kilometres away from the sun.

Four asteroids passed Earth last week; perhaps one of them will alter course and collide with the planet one day.