Posted BY: Jordan Conradson

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder was recently suspended by YouTube again over an interview with Trump-Endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on his viral channel – with over 5.7 million subscribers – due to a potential violation of their “misinformation policy.”

Late last year, The Gateway Pundit reported that Crowder’s entire page was suspended through the end of 2021 for an undefined “hate speech” violation. Crowder has been suspended close to ten times!

On Wednesday, Crowder posted a video telling viewers that his channel was suspended again because Kari Lake spoke about election integrity in her primary race, where she won every Arizona County.

“YouTube’s decided she’s an extremist, you’re an extremist, and I am. So, let’s all be extremists together exclusively on Rumble and Mug Club,” Crowder said.

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“Because f*ck youtube,” he continued in a tweet.

Thank God for Rumble!

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake made a historic comeback in a primary election marred by voter fraud concerns and election day irregularities. Then they stopped counting the votes on Election Night.

It wasn’t until two days later that Kari Lake was declared the winner of all Arizona Counties, and the counting took over a week!

Lake took on the Fake News Media the day after election day to say she was “not satisfied with how the election was run.”

In a more recent interview with Steven Crowder, Lake declared the Biden Regime “illegitimate,” according to The Blaze. Crowder also says his page is banned from live streaming for two weeks.

Crowder posted another video explaining the unprecedented suspension and YouTube’s bogus reasoning behind it.

Hey everyone, but YouTube. You’re probably watching this right now either on Rumble or on Mug Club, and by the way, everything today is free. The whole mug club show is free. If you haven’t heard, we’ve been suspended yet again on YouTube. I believe it’s, I don’t know how many times, could be nine times. Look, let me just clarify something before we get into the show here. This is the this is a first for me and for you. This really isn’t about the fact that we’ve been suspended again. It’s that the show was suspended from YouTube. And the policy says we think it may have violated policies. It didn’t tell us exactly where but inferred that it’s because of someone we had on the show Kari Lake, likely the future Governor of Arizona. Now, this is a woman who, most importantly, is fine, but she also discussed election discrepancies in the primary she just won. This is the first time that I know of where a current gubernatorial candidate was banned, was suspended, her speech or his, but in this case, her, a good her, was suspended for something they said about an election in which they are currently running.

YouTube claims that Lake’s interview “advances false claims” of widespread election fraud, which is “not allowed on YouTube.”

Big Tech is interfering with another election. What’s new?

Crowder live-streamed another episode on free speech platforms, Rumble and Mug Club, yesterday morning to talk about this suspension with Kari Lake.

Watch the full interview from Louder With Crowder on Rumble below.