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Remember back in the 1990’s how the CIA would give the XFiles info to make episodes on?

Well enter in the 2000’s they did the same thing here.

Think the whole Pandemic just happened organically?

Think it was just bad luck?

Think it was just a bat at a food market in China?

Really, folks…time to wake up.

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I know most of you already have, but if you can almost perfectly predict something ahead of time then it raises the question about whether it was predicted or planned.

And how long have these evil people been planning this?

No, I don’t mean the X-Files writers or actors are evil, although who knows.

I mean the so-called “Elites” like the WEF who plan this stuff long in advance, and then use Hollywood to put out there message ahead of time.

It happens over and over and over again.

There appears to be some sort of spiritual law that says the evil people have to warn about what they’re doing ahead of time, because they do it with everything — constantly putting out the message and the warning via Hollywood before it actually happens.

The latest example is the X-Files from 2016 perfectly predicting not only the Planned-Demic but also gene splicing and mRNA vaccines.

Yup, it’s all in there!

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