Stelter proclaimed that “the free world needs a reliable source”; Evidently that’s not him though

Posted BY: Steve Watson

In his last broadcast on CNN after being sacked, Brian Stelter proved one final time that he has a complete lack of self awareness by stating that “the free world needs a reliable source,” and “we must make sure we don’t give platforms to those lying to our faces”.

Stelter played a reel of old footage of himself on a TV next to his now balder, more engorged, and more potato like-head while trying not to cry and simultaneously lecturing everyone else about protecting ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’:

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Stelter declared that in media “The hard part is sorting out the treasure from the trash,” and that “we must make sure that we’re representing the full spectrum of debate and what is going on in the country and the world.”

It wasn’t difficult to discern that Stelter is complete trash and for years lied to viewers and pushed a one sided narrative (Russian collusion, Hunter Biden’s laptop etc etc).

That’s exactly why he’s gone.