Trump said agents are upset about the “political weaponization” against him at the FBI

Posted BY: Madeleine Hubbard

President Trump said FBI agents and other agency employees are “furious” at the bureau’s leadership following the raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

“I hear that the great Agents & others in the FBI are furious at FBI leadership for what they are doing with respect to political weaponization against a President (me) that always had their backs and that they like (love!) a lot,” Trump posted on Truth Social late Saturday evening.

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“They don’t like being ‘used’ by people they do not agree with, or respect. Likewise, they are not exactly thrilled with the leadership at DOJ! Similar to the revolt against Comey when he exonerated Crooked Hillary but was forced, by them, to withdraw the exoneration!” Trump wrote, referencing how former FBI director James Comey ensured that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not face prosecution over her handling of emails.

While polling data from agents about their views on the raid is not public, a majority of Republicans and Independents believe that the raid was orchestrated by Trump’s enemies. A Rasmussen poll last week showed that 44% of people say the raid on Trump’s home made them trust the FBI less.