Posted BY: Julio Rivera

As November looms, Republicans remain giddy about the probability of victory in both chambers of Congress.  Unfortunately, without a two-thirds majority needed to overturn regular and pocket vetoes by the president, a politically divisive America is likely to gridlock until the 2024 presidential election.  A modest Republican House majority could pull back hard on the reins, shaving or cutting off the lifeline to Democrat spendthrifts, but Biden will continue to rule unconstitutionally by pen and phone as his critics seek relief through court challenges that lack momentum.  Meanwhile, the border will remain open, every attempt to innervate the energy sector will be shot down, and we’ll continue along the course of a recession reinvented by the White House as normal and permanent.

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Given the past inclination of Republicans to fight amongst themselves on the sidelines, it is an inconvenient truth that a slim congressional majority would not be enough to save them from their own party intrigues and petty rivalries.  Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who held himself up as the morally superior conscience of the Republican Party, saw Donald Trump as more an intruder than a president. He tolerated the White House agenda and held his nose as he gave them legislative victories — rewriting the tax code and rebuilding the military — before retiring with a smile and surrendering the gavel to Nancy Pelosi.

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