Posted By: J. Robert Smith

It’s time to take issue with some conservatives.  They need to change their language.  That’s not nitpicking.  Language shapes actions, and actions create outcomes.  Language — as much as information — is a primary weapon in this intensifying cold war to save or destroy liberty. 

With the FBI’s brazen politically motivated raid on Mar-a-Lago, we’re hearing a lot from our side that the republic is gone.  The rule of law is kaput.  Ours is now a banana republic.  The sentiment is understandable, but the language is self-defeating.  And it’s not true. 

While I rarely disagree with Victor Davis Hanson, I have to take exception to what he said on Mark Levin’s Fox show, August 14: “We’re no longer a republic anymore.  We’re in a transition to a radical democracy.” 

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No blinkers here.  Yes, the republic is imperiled, but is it finished?  Unintentional, no doubt, but saying that America is cooked is tantamount to waving a big, white flag.  Where’s the righteous indignation and warrior spirit so necessary to winning this fight? 

Do we want to send messages of defeat to tens of millions of patriots?  Mission accomplished for Democrats and their allies?  Bye, bye, rule of law?  Good luck maneuvering through all the antiliberty landmines?  

Got it.  After a long march, Democrats and the Left (one in the same) and their moneybags backers occupy major institutions across the land.  The Deep State isn’t potboiler fiction.  The bad guys — and they’re bad — hold the high ground. 

From 1776 throughout the American War of Independence, the British weren’t a second- or third-rate power, easily and quickly dispensed when patriots got around to it.  The British were, well, giants bestriding the colonies.  Yet with a big assist from God Almighty and, finally, the French, the American David slew the British Goliath.  You know the story. 

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