Posted BY: Andrew W. Coy

As we look around today at the American political, social, and cultural system, we wonder what is going on.  With due respect to Marvin Gaye’s soulful Motown classic “What’s Going On,” most Americans cannot believe what we see going on in American life today.

Gaye’s sorrowful, heartfelt classic of 1971 was an indictment of America’s trials, tribulations,  and turbulence of the 1960s: poverty, unwed pregnancy, assassinations, police brutality, inner-city violence, and the Vietnam War.

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What’s going on today does not make sense — especially for those Americans who want America to succeed and remain the number-one superpower on Earth.  When Mr. Biden allows for the FBI to raid his once and probably future political opponent’s personal home and threaten his political opponent with jail time in our democratic republic, we know that’s not fair, not just, and un-American.  When we see fences around the White House, fences around the FBI headquarters, and fences surrounding the Capitol dome, yet there are no fences on our southern border, we know it’s just not right.  When we are forced to take experimental vaccines (a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code) or not allowed to work or move about the country freely, we know that’s just not right.  When we see that $85 million of American military equipment left for terrorists and goat-herders in Afghanistan who hate us and want our destruction, we wonder who is fighting for us.

When we see adults in leadership who have made it legal for minors, very young minors, to have permanent, life-altering sex changes, while it would be a crime to give these very same minors cigarettes, alcohol, or the car keys, we can’t believe what’s going on.  When China, Russia, and Iran no longer fear us, and Israel, Japan, and South Korea no longer trust us, we know that leadership is making purposeful mistakes.  When kindergarten students are still being forced to wear masks that do not work, and everyone knows they don’t work, we wonder aloud why.  When J-6 political prisoners are still being held in D.C. gulags without charges being filed against them or bail being afforded to them, we know that this is just not American.  When there is practically no border at all on our southern flank, and we know that all sovereign nations do in fact have borders, we know that history shows us clearly that this is suicidal for a people.

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