Posted BY: J. Robert Smith

Corporate media is at it again, shilling for Democrats. The spin heading toward Labor Day is that Republican chances of winning a Senate majority are fading.  A GOP takeover of the U.S. House hangs by a thread.  Nonsense.  In fact, Republicans are going to win a House majority and have a good shot of doing the same in the Senate. 

Of course, there are no guarantees — life is like that — but swallowing Mitch McConnell’s trash talk is foolish.  McConnell is dissing some Republican Senate candidates as low quality.  Mitch is being sly. 

McConnell is a notorious inside player with practically zero feel for voter sentiment (McConnell went to D.C. as an intern in 1964.  The Swamp is in his blood).  Old Man Mitch wants a GOP caucus he can control.  Add Trump-endorsed senators to the mix and McConnell may face unwanted challenges to his leadership.  McConnell, like most pols, is about power and money.  Mitch doesn’t want the applecart upset with more Trump loyalists in his caucus. 

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Right-thinking Americans should be hopeful about the GOP capturing the Senate.    

Campaigns don’t gear up until after Labor Day.  Most voters don’t start focusing on politics until summer ends and kids are back in school.  Horse race numbers before Labor Day are sketchy and the pastime of the political class. 

Midterm contests are about to begin in earnest, and voters have plenty of reasons to go the GOP’s way.

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