Posted BY: William Sullivan

Over at Amazon Prime, The Boys is a hit series that just completed its third season of skewering the pop-culture superhero craze.  As a word of warning, some spoilers will follow, and if you happen to be curious about the show, be forewarned that it is among the filthiest and most violent shows to be filmed for mass consumption.

But as far as the intended satire of the overblown superhero genre that has permeated every element of our culture in the past decade-and-a-half, the show just works.  And politically speaking, the overt anti-Christian and anti-American themes are the ones that shine through the most, to be sure.  But interestingly, the show’s obviously progressive writers have most successfully managed to ruthlessly expose the evil, self-serving hypocrisy of woke corporations.

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This most recent season introduces us to Soldier Boy (hilariously portrayed by Jensen Ackles), who is obviously modeled after the Marvel Comics favorite, Captain America.  Except this version of Cap is an alcoholic racist who never actually stormed the beaches in Normandy, as his legend suggests.  Not only is he a relic that is symbolic of the writers’ opinion of America’s terrible past, but he is more importantly also a lie — a great, big myth that was peddled to the American people, and ignorant Americans swallowed it wholesale.

That we Americans are given to embracing such lies is a common theme in the show.  In the second season, Americans fell in love with the social media maven superhero named Stormfront, who is a white supremacist, and literally a former-Nazi who hadn’t aged since the 1940s.  She became the love interest of the primary supervillain of the show in all three seasons, named Homelander.  He’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed version of Superman who, in case his name isn’t on-the-nose enough for you, wears an American flag as his cape.

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