Is Elon right that there is no greater modern Gestapo than twitter’s woke workforce?

Posted BY: ZeroHedge

Just when we thought that after a tsunami of bipartisan blowback to Twitter’s ludicrous censorship implemented by woke 20-year-olds who chronically confuse the terms fascist and anti-fascist, yet who are “erudite” enough to be definitive experts in immunology and immediately ban anyone who speaks out against what even the CDC now admits was flawed Covid “science”, that the social network had finally learned its place and would allow the conversation to take place without constant intermediation (read: propaganda), we were proven glaringly wrong.

You see, more than two years after Twitter admitted it had made an “error” for “permanently” suspending ZeroHedge (for 133 days) over its reporting on the origins of the Wuhan virus…

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… but really in response to a ZeroHedge article that prompted none other than Anthony Fauci to scramble with damage control at the highest government echelons

… a suspension which even Jack Dorsey eventually confirmed was a mistake…

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