The events leading to the death of Anne Heche are highly suspicious. The pictures and videos captured on August 5th clearly tell a different story than what is communicated in mass media. Was Anne Heche killed? Here’s a look at her traumatic life and suspicious death.

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On August 5th, Anne Heche sped through a residential area, crashed her car into a Los Angeles home, and was taken to a hospital after a bizarre “rescue” that she actually attempted to escape. Six days later, the 53-year-old actress was pronounced “brain dead” and the coroner quickly ruled the death as “accidental” due to “inhalation of smoke and thermal injuries”.

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Since then, strange facts and puzzling videos have surfaced online pointing to the fact that there’s more to the story than what was reported in mass media. Clearly, Heche was distraught about something. However, as is often the case in these strange Hollywood deaths, police investigation was cut short and the media focused its coverage on her consuming drugs and alcohol.

What actually happened on that fateful day?

In order to get a clearer picture of these chaotic moments, we first need to look at Heche’s life and projects. Because, maybe, she knew too much.

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