Project Veritas it certainly is not

Posted BY: Steve Watson

A leftist group attempted to ‘gotcha’ Senator Ted Cruz by secretly filming him and then claiming they got him to agree that he wants to defund the FBI, a patently false claim.

The group, called MeidasTouch, tweeted out the following footage:

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As the woman is talking, Cruz is nodding to show he is listening to her, but when she states “I think it’s imperative that you really have to defund the FBI after all the witch hunts that are going on,” Cruz shakes his head and responds “It is horrific the abuse of power at the FBI, and it’s wrong. And there needs to be a complete housecleaning that happens at the FBI.”

The group pathetically claimed that Cruz “nodded in agreement” at the need to defund the FBI.

The Senator himself responded to the video, noting that he merely said what he believes:

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