Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

After my condemnation of our “banana republic” in a previous essay, a clever commenter remarked pithily, “Last patriot turn out the lights.”  I laughed.  But the truth is that the light is not dimming; it is getting brighter.  We, all of us together, are in the sunshine business.  And the more sunshine we bring, the more difficult it becomes for the darkness not to light up!

Case in point: After Facebook’s Zuckerberg recently confessed to censoring the New York Post’s explosive Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell” story (evidencing a compromised and most likely criminally culpable Biden family) before the 2020 election in response to FBI pressure that the social media giant treat real news as “Russian disinformation” (thereby corroborating that the national security Deep State helped rig the presidential election), the FBI superciliously responded with the equivalent of a teenaged shoulder shrug and a haughty “so what?”  According to the FBI, our domestic spy agency regularly encourages censorship and secretive control over the free flow of information.  No big deal!

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Except it is a very big deal.  Recent polling shows that nearly 80% of Americans believe that President Trump would have won re-election had voters “known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”  In other words, the Deep State stole an election.  This isn’t a huge revelation for most readers here, but it is a huge revelation for those who have stubbornly refused to admit how corrupt and rotten the 2020 election was.  Little by little, truth overpowers deceit.  Let there be light!

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