Posted BY: Michael Curtis

It is still an open question whether France has completely confessed its responsibility for its sins of the past in participating in the Holocaust, and whether the fate of Jews in France has been fully told.  It is clear that French presidents since Jacques Chirac on July 16, 1965 acknowledged the role of the French state and the police in the Holocaust in assisting the criminal insanity of the Nazi occupation in deporting Jews to their death.  “These black hours will stain our history forever.”  President Emmanuel Macron on July 16, 2017, asserted that it was indeed France that organized the roundups, the deportation to death camps of Jews.

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It is also clear that the French highest court, the Council of State, on February 16, 2009, formally recognized the role of France in deporting Jews, 76,000, to their death, and rejection of values and principles of the human person. In stark terms, the Court noted that the role of the French authorities was not forced by Nazi occupation.

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