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A viral video captured the moment of a crazy car chase in New York City on Saturday afternoon. The car chase escalated into a fender-bending demolition derby on a street on the Upper East Side. The insane situation ends with a gunpoint robbery in broad daylight.

A silver Toyota RAV4 is seen on video speeding away from a black Mercedes Benz around 4:40 p.m. on Saturday. The Mercedes races to the driver’s side of the SUV despite an oncoming car driving down the street.

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The Mercedes rams the driver’s side of the RAV4 – which caused the SUV to lose control and slam into another car. The vehicles then burn rubber and continue the car chase down a sidewalk as pedestrians scramble to avoid being run over.

The Mercedes rams the RAV4 yet again – this time on the passenger’s side. The RAV4 spins 180 degrees because of the car crash.

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